Christopher A. Brown, CPA, PFS, CFP®

Christopher A. Brown, CPA, PFS, CFP®

office: 864-233-0808

Christopher A. Brown, CPA, PFS,CFP® is leading the team here at Family Legacy, Inc. Growing up, Chris would help his father, William W. Brown, CPA, PFS out in the office. In 1995, Chris graduated from College of Charleston with degrees in Business Administration and Accounting and signed on as a full time accountant. Chris has never stopped learning and strongly believes in the power of a good education.

Chris has taken the reins from his father and is now the President and Chief Investment Officer of Family Legacy, Inc. He has earned various credentials behind his name (most importantly his CFP®, he is a Certified Financial Planner), but would never trade in the “the ground up” education he gained from those early years working side by side his father. Chris has surrounded himself with a team of highly educated and talented advisors and staff, who he continues to push and grow every day.

He married his wife Beth in 1997 and they have two amazing boys Elliot and Ian. Family time is important to Chris and he understands life is never without its own personal challenges, so it is always important to be kind to one another. For fun, they love exploring downtown (on foot or by bike), bowling, and shopping for fresh veggies & fish at the farmers market (he loves finding new ingredients to cook with).

So when he’s not playing chef, Chris also enjoys spending time in nature, hiking, running, gardening and meditation. He practices yoga on a daily basis and believes in maintaining positives relationships that blend throughout his career and personal life.


Fun Facts about Chris: He played cello growing up and he used to teach yoga.

Favorite Reads: Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The Economist, Barons, Financial Times, & Upstate Business Journal

Favorite Novel: A Man in Full, by Thomas Wolfe


Family Legacy takes a holistic approach to financial management, advising clients on various aspects of wealth, business and estate planning.


Invest for What Matters

"Sound planning and prudent living allow for a freedom of expression and a profound depth of relationship with family and friends. We seek to help all of our clients live in a space of abundance. In a word, most people eventually come to the understanding that financial independence provides them with freedom."

-- Christopher A. Brown, CPA, PFS, CFP®



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