Multi-family Office

Financial Advice for Multiple Generations

For over 20 years, we’ve provided concierge planning for multiple generations of families. Family Legacy has an experienced team that can provide various services to meet your family’s vast financial needs.

Family Legacy takes our name to heart - we work with families to help grow and protect their financial legacies. Our varied services include:

  • Estate Planning: Family Legacy does not have attorneys on staff, but we are happy to coordinate and walk through your estate assets with your attorney and be your advocate in these difficult decisions. We offer strategic advice on structuring your assets and helping you through the end-of life planning process. As you look toward your legacy, Family Legacy is there to help make the process smoother. We also advise on detailed estate issues such as:

    1. Trusts and Trusteeship: Family Legacy’s advisors can help you understand the benefits of setting up trusts, asset allocation within the trusts, as well as coordinating trusteeship.

    2. Wills and Power of Attorneys: These are crucial documents for a complete financial plan, and while Family Legacy’s team cannot write a legal will, we can provide advice on what the economics mean to your heirs, how to allocate finances within the will, as well as how to soundly choose power of attorney privileges.

  • Charitable Planning: Part of your family’s legacy likely includes making the world a better place. Family Legacy can help develop a charitable giving plan for now and for generations to come. We are experienced in family philanthropy projects, foundation management, and a variety of gifting strategies.

  • Risk Management: Our philosophy is that insurance should not be an investment, but rather a sound way to protect your loved ones. Family Legacy helps you think through the benefits of different insurance products and look at your options in a cost-saving approach, while also working to keep your family members safe and provided for even after you pass. We help you find the best solutions for your needs, which may include a combination of term life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, or other products designed for your life stage, your lifestyle and your plans.

  • Tax Consulting, Planning & Preparation: Any smart wealth management plan has a planned approach to taxes. Family Legacy’s on-staff tax accountants help you plan for the impact of taxes and make wise decisions regarding tax payments now and in the future of your estate. We can work with your family every step of the process, from planning tax strategies to preparing and filing tax returns.

Are you ready to make strategic, long-term plans for your family’s investments, wealth and future? Contact Family Legacy today. Since 1995, we’ve been helping people plan for the family legacy they envision. Start your financial planning now, so you can focus your energy on what really matters.



Family Legacy takes a holistic approach to financial management, advising clients on various aspects of wealth, business and estate planning.


Invest for What Matters

"Sound planning and prudent living allow for a freedom of expression and a profound depth of relationship with family and friends. We seek to help all of our clients live in a space of abundance. In a word, most people eventually come to the understanding that financial independence provides them with freedom."

-- Christopher A. Brown, CPA, PFS, CFP®



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